Includes: Custom Design, Models & Dies, Milling, Gold Crown, Shipping, and NOW POLISHING!

Per-Unit Prices

***Prices fixed until next review on July 1, 2024.***

NEW! NOW OFFERING A POLISHED VERSION! More info on Place Order page.



2% Gold Crown photo
  • 20% Gold
  • Light yellow color

High Noble


  • 55% Gold
  • Yellow Color

High Noble


Gold Crown photo
  • 74% Gold
  • Yellow Color

Affordable Gold Standard Treatment

Most dentists love gold. Digital workflows and Easy Gold Crowns now make gold crowns affordable, predictable, and easier than ever.

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Using an inter-oral scanner?

Easy Gold Crowns accepts scan files from ANY IOS platform which can export .ply or .stl files for 3rd party manufacturing. We do not accept traditional impressions or models, only scans.

Polishing your crown

If you select the economy version, two support nubs will need to be removed and smoothed, and the exterior of the crown will need polishing. It only takes a few minutes. Micro-abrade the intaglio and deliver as with any other gold.

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